The Longings of a Woman’s heart – Part One – Women are the refection of God’s beauty

This post was originally written on 1/27/11 but I thought that I’d re-post it as my first article on this blog.


The Longings of a Woman’s Heart.

Part One.

Woman is the reflection of God’s beauty.


I’ve been reading the book “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldredge in it they define three longings of the woman’s heart.


The three longings are:

To Unveil Beauty

To Be Romanced

To have an Irreplaceable Role in a Great Adventure


I will eventually write about all of them, Beginning with to UNVEIL BEAUTY.  (This is a book review of sorts since a lot of this is taken directly from the book.)




God started with a blob of void wet earth, then He created light.  Then He began to slowly add all sorts of amazing creations.  Magnificent stars, sparkling oceans.  Plants of every stunning color.  Elegant animals, breath-taking scenery.  And then a human-being.  God formed Adam from the dust of the earth.  He made beauty out of dirt.  Literally. The next part gives me Goose bumps.  He blew life into Adam’s lungs with his own breath.  Life began when God breathed into us.  Imagine that!!!

God let Adam roam around the garden, let him name the animals, inspect the most stunning garden ever, and showed Adam that it still was not enough.

Somehow, some form of Beauty was lacking.

So then God put Adam to sleep and fashioned beauty out of beauty, the most BEAUTIFUL thing in all of creation.  His piece de resistance. 


The creation of woman was the grand finale to all of God’s work.

Man is the picture of God’s strength.  Woman is the picture of God’s beauty.  

We women are BEAUTIFUL!  The loveliest things on earth!


We desire to be lovely.  Every woman has this longing, this ache.  Just listen to Bethany Dillon’s song “Beautiful,” or Jonny Diaz’s “More Beautiful You.”  We long to be considered beautiful more than anything.  We must find this validation from the way God sees us.  Not by comparing ourselves to the other girls in the room or by if some guy thinks we are.  God sees us as beautiful and that’s all that matters.

Often, when I’m dressing I’m tempted to think, “Will all of the other girls respect me because this makes me look good?  Can I prove my worth to them?” Women don’t just dress nicely for the guys, we also want to be accepted by other women.


Do not judge people’s worth based on their physical beauty.  Do not idolize physical beauty.  Do not worship the perfect body. Do not let that be what brings you satisfaction. I admit that I struggle with that a lot.  I could fall down and worship the feet of someone pretty in form.  But Beauty is not just outward, but mostly inward. My parents have taught me since I was a little girl that my Sparkle was inside.  Recently I learned that she wrote a poem about it …..I am not discrediting outward beauty, BOTH are very important.  Why?  Why is inward AND outward beauty important?  Because beauty invites. Beauty soothes.  Beauty heals.  Beauty delights. When a beautiful woman walks into the room, I tend to put more store into what she says.  (Unless, of course, she proves her ugliness through her words and actions. Prov. 11:22)  As human beings, we were made to gaze on beauty.  Ultimately it should be God’s beauty, but it is not wrong to enjoy beauty here on earth as long as our thoughts remain pure and worship the Creator not the created.




1 Peter 3:3-4

Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel—  rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.


Proverbs 31:30 


Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing,

But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.


There is so much more to beauty than the way something fits. TRUE beauty is in the heart.  Beauty doesn’t diminish over the years.  It grows, deepens, and enhances if we cultivate it right.  Beauty is woman’s essence.

We have such beauty in our hearts to unveil.  When our hearts are at rest and inviting, we show what Beauty really is.  A woman could be a supermodel and we could all think she is the most gorgeous thing ever, but if her heart is not at rest, all she does is strive to beautiful, the beauty is ruined. We see that and turn away dissatisfied.  Where as even a woman who is maybe not quite as attractive but who’s heart is at rest and who is loving, wow, SHE is unveiling beauty more than the supermodel.  We become drawn to her.

A woman’s spirit has so much to offer the world. It can be a fearful thing to unveil the beauty of our hearts, because sometimes it is rejected.  When we are vulnerable and then told that we are not enough, it can rip us to pieces.  The world teaches us to be Feminist.  God want’s us to be Feminine.  (Although they sound similar, there is a BIG difference!)  The world says that vulnerability is weak, femininity is weak, and that to be beautiful we must dress promiscuously.  Never believe those lies.  God created us to be tender, vulnerable, inviting, merciful, caring, fierce and fiercely devoted.  We are not weak, (picture a mama bear robbed of her cubs.)  We are strong, but in our own way.  A way different from the mens’. Our beauty and femininity draws out the strength of men.  Our feminism weakens them.

Little boys go out and play war and build forts, little girls set up house in the forts and negotiate relationships. It’s natural.  Don’t shrink from your nature.  be the woman you were created to be.   When your heart is His, you are Captivating.



To summarize, do not be afraid to unveil the beauty of your heart and soul.  Do not use your outward beauty for wrong reasons.  Don’t worship human beauty.   And above all remember, if to no one else, you are Captivating to God.  He wants to enjoy you.  Let Him.


~Mamie Rose Carlstrom


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