Lessons learned from the Bourne Trilogy

Movie Reviews by Mamie

Lessons learned from the Bourne Trilogy

I liked the Bourne movies not only because they are very well made, the filming is artistic and Matt Damon is handsome, but because they show a desire for the truth.  Jason wakes up, not knowing who he is or why he has all of these impressive Skills, but something in him knows (the law of God written on his heart) that killing without a good reason is wrong.  The three movies show his journey to seek out the truth.



In the last two movies, Pamela Landy works tirelessly to solve the case and uncover deceit and corruption and bring the the evildoers to justice.

Jason ultimately desires to turn away from unnecessary killing, (he some times still wants to, but restrains himself) even though he had been trained and brainwashed into a lifestyle of it.  In the Bourne Ultimatum, I think he says something to effect of “I don’t even know all their names.” (referring to the people he killed) and “I just want to say sorry.” (It might be slightly different but I couldn’t find the exact quotes.)

At the end, once he has found out exactly what happened to him, he says to Dr. Albert Hirsch (the man in charge of his training), “I am no longer Jason Bourne.”

While there are somethings in these movies which are quite wrong, (fornication and language, etc…) I do think that, for a worldly movie made by non-Christians,  it does have a good overall message.


P.S. BTW, I think that being super perceptive and have a particular set of skills could come in handy…just saying.  😉



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