Conquering For His Bride

Conquering for His Bride

Written for a Vision Forum essay contest back in 2009.  The theme was “Provision and Protection” (In case you were wondering, it did not win.)

Since before the beginning of time, a wise King has reigned; He has only one child, and although He is equally the King, He goes by the term of Son.  The King, Holy Spirit and the Son, created a wonderful and glamorous land, placing in it many creatures and intricate plants.  They also formed a beautiful Princess in the image of themselves.   “This lovely Princess is the crown of all Our creation; she will someday be Your Bride, My Son.” The King told them, and then went on sadly, “But a dragon will come to tempt her, and she will turn her back on Us, her sin will create a chasm between Us and her. I will give You as a ransom for her life so that she can be redeemed and bought back.”

Although it devastated the King, the Dragon did come and tempt the Princess; she turned away from the King, and subjected herself to hardships and sin.  The King still loved His Princess, and made a promise that He would send a hero to rescue her.  The Princess often cried out to the King, “Oh King, I am not worthy to be the Bride; I have sinned and subjected myself to the Dragon.  Send me some provision; for I need your protection.” She wept and mourned in her sorrow.  The King wrote many letters to the Princess, assuring her of His love and the promise, and also warning her of the judgment if she did not turn from her sins.

Centuries past and finally the Father said to His Son, “Now you shall go and save her from that dragon, but disguise yourself as a common peasant, for she expects you to come as a valiant warrior.  Show her what true humility is.”
The Son went and stayed many years in the kingdom where the Princess lived; He was tempted by the dragon, but refused to obey him.  Meanwhile, Princess did not recognize Him as the Son.  She often scorned the peasant, thinking that He was too plain and ordinary.  Occasionally, part of her would recognize Him, but still, she did not understand.

When time of the battle came, the Son went alone to the fight.  He was completely abandoned by all others, even His Father had to look away because of the sin and curse the Son carried.  The dragon was proud that he had stolen the heart of the Princess, he had even convinced Her to fight against the Son in the battle.  But the Son willingly endured much pain and hardship, knowing the reward that He would receive in the end.  Bruised, whipped and pierced, He gave the ultimate gift: His life.

For a few days, the Son lay slain in a cold grave; the dragon thought that He had prevailed and won the victory, but the Son was not finished.  He went to the dragon’s dark kingdom and took the keys of death.

On a beautiful morning dawn, the Father raised His Son up from death’s grip; the victorious Son was alive again, the price for the ransom had been paid.  The dragon’s head was crushed once and for all; the Son had won the battle.  He then returned to His Father, with a promise to send a comforter to be with the Princess until His return.

They wrote a letter to Her, saying: “I have given my life as a provision for you, if you will repent of your rebellion and believe that I have rescued you from the dragon, you will become My Bride. The dragon is still around, but he is a defeated foe, and will be thrown into the most terrible of all dungeons when I come again.  You no longer have to submit to him, for I am your protection; there is no disease that I have not conquered, and no bondage that I have not broken.  I choose to lower Myself because I love you, My love was and is as strong as death.  Please surrender yourself to Me, and I will lift you up higher than you can ever imagine.”

The King Father said to His King Son: “I betroth you to the Princess because you have fought for Her, and she has been released from the power of the dragon.  Now you are preparing a mansion so that on the appointed day that only I know, you can go and bring her back to the new kingdom that is filled with such splendor; the streets are of the clearest and purest gold, foundations of twelve jewels, and no sun or moon, for we are the Light that cleanses all darkness.  You will go in glory on a strong white horse and Your name is Faithful and True. We will have a great feast to celebrate Your marriage, and Your Bride will help You rule the new kingdom if she will choose to lean on her Beloved…”


P.S. To read the complete story of this marvelous true tale, pick up your Bible.  We are the Bride, ransomed by one wonderful King.


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