Movie Review – The Magic of Ordinary Days

Movie review – The Magic of Ordinary Days

Day two – A favorite movie.

I am combining a movie review and day two of the 30 day challenge.

My favorite movie of all time is one called “The Magic of Ordinary Days.” It will probably be my favorite movie until the end of time. It’s that good. If you haven’t seen it, you must. I have not read the book as of yet, but the movie is incredible. I will forever beat myself over the head for not coming up with this story first.

This is not your typical chic-flick. It’s is an amazing story of redemption, forgiveness, and love.

When the movie starts, we are with Olivia “Livvy” Dunne as she travels to a small town that she has never been in to marry a man that she has never met. We learn that she had previously been in graduate school studying to be an archaeologist, but had met a soldier, fallen in “love,” and then abandoned, pregnant out of wed-lock. Her father, a Pastor, was ashamed and wrote to the Pastor in the small town his wife had been from, asking if there would be anyone willing to marry his daughter and adopt her child. There is. Ray Singleton. A man who proves to be a true, true gentleman.

They marry the day she arrives, and Ray brings her home to his farm. She is used to city life and is not very excited, but does begin to make the best of it for the time being. Her sister is constantly trying to convince her that she should come home as soon as she can. And Livvy is still secretly writing letters to her former boyfriend.

All the while, Ray is not pressuring her to love him, he is faithfully serving her, and slowly he, and the pleasant ways of the small farm town begin to win her heart. Ray’s sister Martha and her family are very kind and welcoming to Livvy, and Martha teaches her a lot.

Livvy and Martha

However, Livvy’s sister comes to visit and convinces Livvy that she needs to leave Ray and come back to the city.

This story takes place during World War II, and American-Jananese have been uprooted from their homes and forced to live in camps and work the farms. Livvy makes friends two sisters who had been at college in California who work on Ray’s land. She greatly appreciates the intellectual conversations they are able to have.

This is a movie about, well, the impact of ordinary days filled with ordinary people. There are a couple slightly dramatic moments, and even a little crime element to the plot, but all in all we are moved, along with Livvy, by the the beauty of the little things, and the quiet devotion of a man willing to love her as if she had no past. I won’t tell you exactly how it ends, you’ll have to watch it to find out. 🙂

I could not find the trailer anywhere, but I did find this, a well done video montage of the movie set to one of my favorite songs by JJ Heller.


7 thoughts on “Movie Review – The Magic of Ordinary Days

  1. I did see this movie some time ago, and liked it for the life lessons it taught. The young man showed such kindness and maturity. It was easy to relate to the young woman’s dilemma with her fears, emotions, and eventually seeing how true love behaves. Was this film based on a true story? If not, sure seemed like it could have been.

    • I don’t think that it was based on a true story, but I’m sure that the author probably was inspired by true events. I will forever beat myself over the head for not coming up with this story first. 🙂

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  3. You should see the whole thing! It’s my FAVORITE movie of all time. They play it on TV sometimes. The first time we watched it, we found it free steaming online, I’m not sure if it’s still there or not.

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