Day Four – A Favorite TV Program

Day 4 – a Favorite Television Program

I’ve gone back and forth as to what my answer is going to be, but I have decided to answer with the show I have always loved, and which can make my heart skip a beat with joy when I hear that it is on.

Little House on the Prairie.

I wore the books out so much that the covers came off, and sometimes, some of the pages in the back. So it’s natural that I should like this show so much.

At the beginning

Close to the end.

The other day my Uncle was in town and was quizzing us on episodes, and I think that we knew the answers to all of his questions.

We don’t watch a lot of current shows on TV, (I’ve never seen a complete episode of American Idol, The Bachelor, CSI, NCIS, Lost, The Office, and many other shows like these) and I don’t care! I prefer my Little House on the Prairie. Thankfully all of my siblings like it too, although if you ask them right now what their favorite show is, they’ll probably say either Andy Griffith, or the A-Team.

I am a big fan of the books, but I don’t mind that they completely and utterly destroy their plot with the show. It’s okay, I just view it like it’s almost another family.

I personally love Caroline Ingalls and her strong faith, and her love for her family. She can do almost anything, and she is full of wisdom, but she is also ver real in that we often see her stressed, overwhelmed, and scared, just as real moms are. I shouldn’t say to much, because I’ll probably use her for a “Character Friday” one of these days.

My Dad said that he as learned a lot from Charles Ingalls. I love to see that fire in Charles’ eyes when he hears that someone has possibly assaulted his wife or daughters.

This little girl, Laura. She is ALWAYS embarrassing herself. I often feel sorry for her, but she has a good heart.

And then of course, you have the other characters, like I said, I don’t mind that they changed details, so the fact that they added three children the Ingalls never had isn’t a problem for me.

  Little Grace, who is very cute.

Carrie, who never says anything.

Mary, who reminds me somewhat of myself at times.

Mr. and Mrs. Olson, quite a couple. Brings to life the warning in the Bible to find a good wife, and the grief of not having one.

Albert. I don’t quite know what to say about him.

Nellie, who is sometimes worse than her mother.

Willy, whose actor is the brother of Milissa Gilbert, which makes Laura and Willy’s scenes together a whole lot funnier once you know that fact.

Cassandra, who is very sweet and kind.

James, who is also and a very nice boy.

Almanzo, I enjoy the episodes of he and Laura together, but it’s painful when they have a miscommunication.

And who could forget Mr. Edwards?

All in all, a great show about community, family, faith, character,perseverance in the face of trail, and doing the right thing.


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