Day Seven – 5 Things You Couldn’t Possibly Live Without

Five things I couldn’t possibly live without. (I am not including people.)

1.    Jesus Blood – for without this, I am not fully alive and will not have eternal life, so I truly canNOT live without it. I am so thankful for the blood that was spilled for me.

2.    Good music.  Ask anyone in my family.  I love to listen to music. It invigorates me, it soothes me, it teaches me about true love, and most of all, it helps me to worship. Some of my favorite artists are Sara Groves, Andrew Peterson, Jars of Clay, Matt Maher, Chris Rice, Cory Asbury and Christy Nockels (Watermark.) Plus a lot more. 🙂

3.    Books.  Call me a bookworm.  I’ve loved reading since I was seven years-old and haven’t given it up since.  I especially love my Bible, well written novels that have a good plot that I can learn from, self-help/teaching books, titles include “Do Hard Things” and and “The Firstborn Advantage,” and of course, I love autobiographies. Getting to see inside the head of someone famous always puts a new perspective on them for me.

4.    Photography.  I get inspired at looking others who are much better than I am, as they capture the beauty in life, and I enjoy learning how to capture it with my own camera. (Watch out world, I just ordered a new and better lens!)

This is NOT my actual camera, very rarely do I take a picture with my own camera of my own camera… 😉

5.    Creation.  I stand in awe of the wonders of God’s creation. It is the CLEARLY seen evidence of our Invisible God.

So there you have it!


5 thoughts on “Day Seven – 5 Things You Couldn’t Possibly Live Without

  1. A 50mm?! Me, too, as soon as I can save up enough money for it. (The f/1.4). And ohmygoodness is that a Mitford book I saw in that stack?! We love Jan Karon’s books!!!! 🙂 I’ve been enjoying stopping by here on occasion to read all the lovely things you post, and keep thinking why on earth haven’t I chatted with you more at Conference and Dixon?!? I really do hope to do so more soon. Your family is so sweet and such a blessing!

  2. I got the cheaper version of the 50mm, I used some of my graduation money. 🙂
    Yes that is a Mitford book! I love them, Jan Karon is a very funny writer. I enjoy her style a lot.
    I’m glad you are enjoying my blog. Do you have one?
    We DO need chat more! (Camp Dixon is coming up!)

  3. I don’t have a blog *yet* but hopefully I’ll have one soon; I’m LORD-willing starting a photography business in the next couple of months (once I get my lens). 🙂 I’ll be sure to let you know! And oh, yes, we definitely need to get together at Dixon–it’ll be here before we know it! 🙂

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