Day Thirteen – A Guilty Pleasure

A Guilty Pleasure – Listening to Adventures in Odyssey

I know, I know, I’m too old to be listening to Adventures in Odyssey, but I’ll admit that I really, really enjoy it. I even vote in the Avery Awards. (You probably don’t even know what that is.) I probably wouldn’t still be listening if it weren’t for my younger siblings, they love it! We’ve learned a lot about character development from it down through the years. It’s a source of bonding for us. We listen together and talk about it afterwards.

Adventures in Odyssey is a Christian radio program for children, started back in 1987. It’s about a town called (surprise!) Odyssey, in which a wise grandfatherly old man named John Avery Whitaker runs a ice cream shop. The dramas teach different Biblical lessons through the adventures of the children and adults who live in the town.

So why do I like listening to AIO? Not only are the Christian based, they are also hilarious, well made, well acted, have wonderful character development, and some of the episodes are very intense and mystery filled. (Built for older people.) Everyone in my family agrees that the Novacom Saga is the best. Plus, like I said, it’s something I do with my siblings.

My favorite character is Connie Kendall. If Katie Leigh (who at fifty-something plays the twenty year-old Connie perfectly) stops acting as her, then I’ll probably stop listening.

So there you have it, my guilty pleasure. What’s yours? 🙂


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