Character Friday – Michelle Duggar

Character Friday & Day Fifteen of the Thirty Day Challenge – A Person I Admire

I’m combining a character Friday with day 15 of the 30 day challenge, the subject of which happens to be “A Person I Admire.”  This is the first real person I have used for a “Character Friday.”

  This person is………

Michelle Duggar.

Being a woman who aspires to have a LOT of children, (should that be the Lord’s will for my life,) I am attracted to Michelle Duggar, mother of 19, yes you heard me right, 19 beautiful children.  People say she’s  insane, but she’s not!  She willing accepted the Lord’s crazy plan for her life, and she has done it with joy and humility.

(Yes, I can name them all in their exact order of age, because I like names, just ask me to do it next time you see me. )

This is a woman that truly has a heart for the Lord.  The other night I watched “Tea With Michelle” (so thoughtfully bought for me by my own dear Mother who I admire even more, but that’s another article for another day.)  I really enjoyed listening to her pour out her heart as she willingly admitted her frailties, short comings and complete inadequacy for the life God has given her, and how through that God has given her grace to carry it out. She talked about her prayer and cry of her heart that her family will be salt and light on this earth, and serve and minister to others in the name of the Lord.

Some things I have learned from Michelle Duggar (as well as many other moms):

  • Choose to make the joy of the Lord your strength, you’re in over your head otherwise.
  • Take everything in stride, because life’s not going to run perfectly.
  • Always be available to help your husband.
  • The one who praises your children has their heart. (I can apply this even now with my brothers and sisters. Ouch.)
  • Take whatever chance you get to have one-on-one, heart to heart conversations with your children.
  • Fill your mind with good things like the Bible and encouraging sermons.

These past 18 months have been especially tough for this family, as they took on the challenge of an extremely premature baby. Mrs. Duggar had to wait 40 days to hold her baby girl.


I can hardly imagine the amount of joy she felt when she finally had tiny Josie in her arms.

It has been a harder road for her since little Josie’ arrival,  but it has been well worth it.

I also admire these girls just as much as their mother, if not more so since they are around my age. Without them the Duggar household would not run like it does.  I relate to them so much I almost feel like their sister. We’re all big sisters in Christian homeschooling families, striving to serve the Lord and our families.  (They just happen to have more than three times as many siblings as I do. Kind of puts things in perspective for me.)





Joy Anna

Such lovely Godly ladies!


2 thoughts on “Character Friday – Michelle Duggar

  1. Wow! From all you say about Michele Duggar, her life here is filled with joy beyond measure having been blessed with all of these beautiful children to train up in the ways of the Lord. To be sure, her rewards will be many in heaven! She sounds like an excellent, godly woman who you are privileged to know.

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