Day Nineteen – A Talent

Day 19 – A Talent of Yours

Someday I would like to say that I am talented at writing, but I haven’t actually written enough stuff to come close to that dream.  (But I’m working on it 🙂 )  God put it in me to write, so maybe that elusive gift is hidden somewhere inside.

My talent is remembering peoples’ names.  I love monikers; they are the way we identify people.  We don’t chose our names, but they become part of us.  When you remember someone’s name, it shows that you care about them individually.  it can really go a long way.

I’ve always had an easy time remembering people’s names, and if they have a unique spelling or not.  It’s something God gave me. (Thus the term “talent.”)  Sometimes, when someone we don’t know very well walks up to us at an event, one of my family members will lean over to me and whisper in my ear, “What’s their name again?”  And I get to help them out of a pinch. 🙂 My Mom calls me her daytime.

This helpful trait of name-remembering can be embarrassing at times.  What if, after you’ve met a new family, your own family is reviewing everyone’s names.  The one they can’t remember is of the oldest boy, you of course remember it, just because you can’t help but remember everyone’s names. But when you pipe up with it, everyone looks at you as if you must have some sort of crush on him because you remembered his name and age (another talent of mine, remembering people’s ages and sometimes even birthdays).  You of course DON’T, you just innocently happened to remember, and then all you were trying to do was  help your family out….sigh.

But alas, this is just a side effect to one of the most useful talents in the world.  Dale Carnegie would certainly be proud of my “skillz” in this department.

Are you good or bad at remembering people’s names?

What’s your talent?


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