Movie Review – The Help

Movie Review

The Help

My Mom and I went to see this on its opening day in the theaters. She’d bought the book a few days before and had read most of it, but couldn’t quite finish it in time, so some parts were still surprises to her. 🙂 I had never read the book or even seen the trailer.

Overall, I thought that this movie was really good. It is the story of a wealthy white young lady and her friends, and also a few of their black middle-aged housekeepers. “The Help.” The Protagonist white girl is Skeeter (Emma Stone) who lives in Jackson, Mississippi. She dreams of being a writer. Skeeter is troubled by the treatment of the black Americans in the US, the south especially. So she sets about to write a book from the perspective of “The Help” starting with one she knows, Abileen the housekeeper of one of her friends (and the other protagonist of the movie.) This movie points out that there is NO difference, we are all one blood. One element in this story is that the extreme racists were building extra bathrooms for the maids, because they thought that they carried different germs or something, silly!

The characters bring this story to life. They are all so different and very well done. The authoress did a wonderful job creating them. A few are a little stereotype, but very good none-the-less.

Skeeter, writing “The Help”

Hilly, the worst of the bunch.


Abileen and Minny

Cornelia, who ends up to be one of my favorite characters.

The movie had many moments of mirth. Trust me, everyone in the theater was dying with laughter.

There were also very sad moments, because this topic is a very serious one. (In the bathroom afterwards, someone said to me “Is your mom still crying?) The treatment of these people was very cruel. And sad to say, it sometimes still happens in lesser ways. The movie is about gathering the courage to reveal the TRUTH in order to bring change to bad circumstances.

The biggest drawback to the film is language. It’s the only thing that needs editing out. If I watching it again it will definitely be through ClearPlay. However the language is all I would need to edit out, although a few things are not for a very young audience.  (It is rated PG-13)

Watching this film in Mississippi, the very state it was centered around, in a theater full of both white and black people and everyone was enjoying it together was a very cool dynamic.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review – The Help

  1. Since this film affected everyone so profoundly, I hope it will be viewed by many people. It is always interesting to hear the perspective of a young person like you, Mamie. I shall never forget how I felt when, for the first time in my life, at age 20, I was exposed to this sort of cruel prejudice. It was in the early 1960’s (before the Civil Rights Movement). I went to live with my sister and her family in Arkansas. The condescending treatment of blacks I saw then was unimaginable and entirely unacceptable to me. The separate drinking fountains, restrooms, seating in restaurants, etc. made it seem like a foreign country compared to the way I was raised. The run-down shacks and gross poverty were also a shock to behold. I thank God we had a Civil Rights Movement in America. It is terribly sad and unfortunate that some people in our government, and in other places, have misused, abused, and corrupted much of what was accomplished, for their own selfish purposes.

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