Something Every Child Should Do

It is importance to send your parents on dates.

I don’t know if my siblings and I have ever paid for our parents to go or do anything. At least not by themselves.  Until a few weeks ago.

It all started a few months ago, when I was aimlessly happened to come across Kirk Cameron’s Marriage Conference schedule. My ears perked up, “Maybe they’ll becoming close to us.” i thought hopefully. Low and behold, they indeed had about three “stops” in Alabama.  I picked Birmingham because we go there all the time, and it was the day AFTER Elijah’s birthday, not the day of.
When I saw that you could get VIP tickets, where my parents cold not only sit on the front row, they could also be part of a Q & A with Kirk Cameron before hand with not that many others in the room. PLUS, they got to go to the front of the autograph line.  (I’ve been to an event with Kirk Cameron, and believe me, his autograph lines are about 3.1 miles long.)  So, I rounded up my siblings, told them about it, and asked if they’d like to help pay for the tickets.

Everyone at the Carlstrom house is a fan of the Camerons.  I told my littlest brother, “Mommy and Daddy got to meet Caleb from Fireproof.” And he knew exactly who I was talking about. Except for the fact that he probably thinks that “Caleb” is an actual person.  And us children have all watched the Left Behind movies. (starring BOTH of them.) And it’s my dream to have his beautiful wife Chelsea write the forward or at least a review for my new book about adoption. (She was adopted herself and they’ve adopted four children. She has a really big heart for it.) I’m sure that’s just a dream, but it’s still nice to think about…

They watched him do The Seaver Fever Reliever.  The wig is too hilarious.
However, when it comes to 80’s sitcoms, we (at least the younger generation, my parents have seen their share of Growing Pains) watch Family Ties.  Everyone on that show is so funny.

My parents had a BLAST. They came home with smiles on their faces and a light in their eyes.  I think that they were really encouraged.  I of course wasn’t there to hear what was said at the conference, but I’m sure it was good.

They said that Warren Barfield, most well known for the his song “Love is Not a Fight”  which was featured in Kirk Cameron’s movie “Fireproof”  sounded WAY better in live and acoustic then he is on his newest CD.  At the conference He was funny, engaging and soulful. I’m working on upload the story he told about the reason he wrote Love is Not a Fight.

Here are some pictures from their fun night.Warren Barfield posed this photo for my mom in front of hundreds of people.

He told her to caption it, “HE ROCKS!”

He signed my CD case.

Kirk Cameron

Doing the thing I linked to above.

Kirk Cameron, his oldest son Jack, my mom, and my Dad.

Lesson learned:  If you love your parents, SEND THEM ON DATES!  It will mean a lot to them.


3 thoughts on “Something Every Child Should Do

  1. Mamie, You kids are to be commended for blessing your Mom & Dad with such a thoughtful gift!! Thanks to you, they will always treasure this experience 🙂 God bless you all.

  2. Y’all certainly had a GREAT idea to do that for your parents!! 🙂 I had seen the Seaver Fever Reliever some time in the past (I assume it was among the many Kirk Cameron-related stuff we happened upon after seeing Fireproof) but I’d forgotten it…oh, goodness, how he can ever say “I know I’m not the sharpest spoon in the drawer” without laughing?!?
    Oh, PS- I did get my photography blog up, not sure if you’ve seen it yet-

  3. And the way he manipulates his eyes when she says yes is hilarious. Knowing that the character “Kate McDonald” was played by his ACTUAL wife, Chelsea, makes it all the funnier. I love the fist pump. Haha!

    I had not seen your photography blog yet, thanks for the link!

    See you soon at CD, we’re getting a cabin this year!

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