Character Friday – Catherine Holt

Character Friday – Catherine Holt

I’m sure all of you know this story very well.  And you’re probably sitting here think, “Mamie, come on, don’t be so Fireproof crazy. Please.”  Sorry.  Maybe it’s just that we’re so anxiously longing for Courageous.  (Just 20 days, 12 hours and 48 minutes left! LOL)

But really. I love this story.  I like stories of how one spouse wins the heart of the other spouse slowly, through their actions.  Ray does that in The Magic of Ordinary Days, as does Clark in Love Comes Softly.  (If you know of any other books/movies with that theme, please let me know!

I recently read the novel version of Fireproof, which has more details, back story and subplots.  I liked it so much that I then ordered it.

Catherine is a strong woman.  She is capable. But her heart has been hurt by her husband.  Her trust in him has been broken by his actions.

“A woman is like a rose, treat her right, and she’ll bloom.
Treat her wrong, and she’ll wither.”

Catherine  begins to slowly let her heart be pulled away by another man in her workplace.  This Gavin guy treats her really nice, and he gives her the sweetest compliments. Certainly not something Caleb has done in a while. Gavin is a man who is giving her the attention she is longing for, who makes her feel special.  Girls, when we get married one day, we must be very careful to not let our hearts get away from us. It can have disastrous results. “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23

Suddenly Catherine’s own, forgotten, husband begins to act weirdly.  He’s suddenly sort of nice, and tries to do nice things,…except for those pitiful flowers. They had cheap written all over them. Catherine can’t understand it at all.  Her friends say that he’s probably just trying to get a lot of money out of the divorce. Yeah, that’s got to be it.  And when Catherine says so Caleb, they have a yelling match…again. Which she thinks, proves her point exactly. Caleb’s heart is not for her.

Things at home continue to not go well, while Gavin continues to shower her parched heart with attention.

Caleb starts acting even weirder. His niceness is becoming genuine.  It’s like he’s a whole new person.
On the other hand, Gavin gives thousands of dollars to her parents. What a man!  Little does she know who really gave the money…

Then Gavin starts acting weird too. But in a different way. It’s like someone almost scared him away from her… Well, maybe he just has other things on his mind.

One day Catherine finds The Love Dare tucked away in his room. What could this be? She reads through it. This is not the Caleb she knows.

When she feels sick the next morning, Caleb comes to her aid. Bringing her food, medicine, and a cool cloth.  And then, when she asked why, he begins to tell her a little about what he has been learning. Something about not leaving your partner. He is surprised when she pulls out The Love Dare.

“So what day are you on?”
Of course, there was no way he’d actually done it all.  She thinks to her self, tt was just a silly exercise.
What?! He’d gone above and beyond?  For her? Would he wait no matter how long she took? How wonderful it felt.

But still, she was not ready to trust him again.  After all the pain, she wanted to be sure.  Besides, what about Gavin?

Finally, Catherine finds out that Caleb has REALLY put his heart into it. He gave up the savings for his dream boat for her mom. He was the real donor.  Not that faker Gavin.

Catherine is an emotional mess. Something had really changed in Caleb, and she knows that she needs that change too.

That change was the love and forgiveness of Christ.  

Just as she ran back into her husbands arms. She soon also ran into the arms of her Savior.

Now that’s beautiful.

Catherine was played by the wonderful actress Erin Bethea, except in that last photo, in which the REAL Mrs. Cameron stepped in. (It’s pretty obvious when you look closely.)  An honor of marriage within a movie about marriage. Again, beautiful.


You might recognize this song from the movie.


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