Character Friday – Jochebed – A woman who trusted God completely

Today I’m going to write about a biblical character.  I don’t think that I’ve done that yet.

Jochebed. Read about her in Exodus 2:1-8

The Israelites had moved to Egypt during the reign of Joseph, son of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham.  They had started out as a scraggly group of about seventy, hungry shepherds. But they thrived, and multiplied.

A few hundred years later, a new Pharaoh who did not remember all that Joseph had done for his country came into power. He was greatly afraid of the Israelites because of their size and thus, manpower.  What if they joined the other side when at war?  His solution? Make them slaves.
But guess what?
It only made them grow faster. They had more and more children.
Now he was really scared.
So, he made them work even harder, making their lives miserable. On top of that, he commanded the midwives to kill every baby boy born, in attempt to stunt the growth of the Israelite people. A couple of midwives did not obey this wicked command, and the Lord blessed them for it.

Enter Jochebed.  A daughter of Levi, wife of Amram, mother of Miriam and Aaron.
During the time of the horrible law against baby boys. She gave birth to a son. As she held him in her arms, breathing in the smell of his newborn skin, caressing his tiny hands and feet, and soaking in the sight of his beautiful face, her Mama Bear instincts took over and she made a firm resolve.
Her son would live.
No matter what it took. Her son would live.

Let me tell you, I’m sure it was no easy thing to hide a baby within a mud-walled house. It probably only had one or two rooms and was closely set to the other homes that housed the broken hearts of other mother’s who’d had their babies ripped out of their arms and murdered. But by some miracle, she did for three months.

After three months he had to move. Probably because his lungs were becoming stronger, and he no longer slept all the time.

It must have been hard for Jochebed to do what she did.  To place her baby in the very river that many boys died in.  I can’t imagine it.
Now this Jochebed was a smart woman. She coated a basket with asphalt and pitch, and set him near to the Princess’ area.  She knew something about a woman’s instincts when she hears a crying baby.

As she kissed her little boy, we’re never told what she named him by the way, and laid him in his tiny boat, she committed him to God.

And then she left.

She didn’t wait around at the scene to make sure that God did His job. To keep control of the situation.  To rush out into the river if things didn’t go well.

She trusted God completely.
Wow. Could I do that?  I so utterly trust God to the point of leaving my baby in the river? (I don’t have a baby, but it is a good metaphor for a lot of things.)

And guess what?!  A little while later, Miriam came running to find her, probably screaming her head off.   “Mom! Mom!  The Princess wants you to take care of the baby!  We can keep him!”

The baby she gave over to God, God gave back.

This amazing woman instilled in little Moses the knowledge of the Mighty God who had saved his life.  She only had him in her care until he was weaned, he then went to live in the house of Pharaoh. (Ironically the man who tried to kill him). But she obviously taught him many things during that short period of time.

1.    Became one of the most famous men in all of history.
2.    Was the most humble man on earth.
3.    Led the entire Israelite nation out of Egypt,
4.     Spoke to God up on a mountain for days on end, face to face. (Exodus 33:11)
5.    His face often radiated with the glory of God. (Exodus 34:29)
6.    And much more.

May I someday be a mother like Jochebed.  Who fought for her child’s life, released him to God, and then taught him everything she could during the years she cared for him.

P.S. if there are any characters you’d like me to write a post about, please comment and let me know!


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