Day Twenty – A Hobby

I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to post another 30 day challenge!  I’ve been busy and a little lazy.  But now I’m going to try to finish it up soon.

I have a hobby of writing fictional books. Someday, I hope to call it a talent.  I started when I was probably three or four. Here is a picture of them.

They were almost all about families having babies.  🙂

Through out the years I’ve started a lot of books.  But now I’m learning to not starts as many, to let my main characters have problems, and to not make them all the same. 😛

I have finished one book. I entitled it Spotlight. (Some of you have read/are reading it.)  It’s about a Presidential campaign, seen through the eyes of the Candidate’s fourteen year-old daughter. No, I’m not getting it published, but I’m going to look into getting the one I’m working on now published.  Spotlight was great for practice. I’m thinking about re-writing it in ten years and making it way better.

Twenty-four chapters!

Writing is a love that God has given me.  Sometimes I feel like the stories are going to burst out of me.

I praise the Lord for life, and the chance to write about it.


2 thoughts on “Day Twenty – A Hobby

  1. You can read it! I know the Pearson’s have a copy, but I know that they’re not done with it. I might have another one lying around, but I’ll have to check. Otherwise, everyone i graduated with has one, so you could borrow one from one of them.

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