Movie Review – Couragous

If you know me, you know that I love Sherwood Pictures.  You also know how much I was anticipating the release of their new movie, “Courageous.”

I followed the daily video blog during filming, watching as people prayed over this flick from day one.Watching as the little team in Albany Georgia moved around town creating each scene carefully.

Daily Devotions



I’d been waiting for this movie for so long and hyped it up so much that I was afraid that I had ruined it for myself.  You know, when you make something into such a big deal that in the end, even if it was really good, it’s still a let down?

This wasn’t. I still loved Courageous.

If you’ve seen Facing the Giants and Fireproof, let me tell you, the production quality has really been stepped up.  They have new RED cameras, and even the editing and artistry is better.

Get that sunlight just so...

Fireproof focused on one couple, this one follows five families.  So there is a lot more going on plot-wise.

As far as the acting goes, it was much better than Fireproof.  In that movie, only 2-3 people were really good IMO.  They still have some room for improvement, but Courageous is definitely better.

The action was well done.  Bullet’s flying, foot chases, and forty year-old Alex Kendrick throwing punches.  😉

Something that Sherwood Pictures does best is humor, and this film does not disappoint.   I think one of everyone’s favorite scene involves a certain character named “Javier” and the term “Snake Kings.”  Ken Bevel, who plays Nathan Hayes, told me personally (true story) that this is his favorite scene in the entire movie.  Be ready to laugh.

The emotions. Wow.  I rarely cry outwardly during movies. I barely cried during “The Help” for goodness sake.  Yet while watching Courageous, I cried about four times.  Even during the opening scene which I’d already seen online!

"Dance with me Daddy!"

Courageous is a movie that makes you grieve in one scene and laugh in the next.  Make you shake your head at the hopelessness in this world and then lift your head up with hope with the next.
As a woman, I want men to be Courageous.  I don’t want to try to take over the role that God has given them.  I’m happy to do my part and to support them in doing theirs.

How did it do in the Box Office?  This weekend it finished #4 in the nation, making over 9 million dollars. It also finished #1 out of all the new releases with only half the theaters they had!  I wish we had more movies like this…

It’s important for it to do well this coming weekend, because one of the things they look at (when their deciding how long to keep it in theaters) is the drop between weekend one and weekend two. So if you haven’t seen it yet, go as soon as you can.

As far as child friendliness is concerned, it is rated PG-13 for violence and drug references. Everyone in my family went, including my 3 year-old brother.  The mom of a little girl sitting next to me just covered her daughter’s eyes during anything scary. Everyone was fine.

Here is a review of every single little thing that might offend.


This song appears at the end of the movie if you wait through the first set of credits.


3 thoughts on “Movie Review – Couragous

  1. We haven’t seen it yet, but will soon. Everyone at our Church who went last weekend said it was really good. Everybody cried and laughed, like you. They’re going to take a group to see it asap. So glad to hear about the excellence of the production, content and acting. Glad you weren’t disappointed. We heard the movie “Utopia” (about golf) is also very good. We hope to see that one too.

  2. Hey Mamie,
    I’m one of those people who wants to know nearly nothing about a movie before I see it, so when I checked your blog earlier today I said, “Ohhh! I’ll just have to wait to read that post!” since we hadn’t seen it already. We just got home from seeing it 🙂 and so your blog was the first thing I checked. Aren’tcha glad?! 🙂
    What an amazing movie, that’s all I can say. Sherwood is “changing the world from Albany, GA”, that’s for sure! 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!
    ~Sarah on the Coast

  3. Yes, Sherwood definitely is changing lives from little Albany. It’s so exciting to get to see what God is doing through them! I really want to visit their church someday.

    See ya soooon!

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