Day Twenty-Four – A Movie Nobody Would Expect Me To Love

a movie nobody would expect me to love


Staring Liam Neeson, January Jones, and Diane Kruger

Let it be said, I LOVE action adventures as long as they are well done, this movie IS. Think Taken/Jason Bourne. It’s full of suspense, running from bad guys, trying to rescue a girl, mystery, amnesia and a great car chase.  (The first time I watched it was with my Dad and a couple of siblings at like, one o’clock in the morning, and we had great fun trying to figure out the plot.)

Plus, it has Liam Neeson, one of my all time favorite actors, in it.  It also has January Jones, who I know from Love’s Enduring Promise.

So how in the world could anyone think that I wouldn’t like this movie? It sounds great right?

Well, the ending is fairly disappointing. And quite sad really, (the very, very end is okay, but still, it’s very sad.)

So why then do I like it?  Because it didn’t have the ending I was afraid it was going to have. At least not all the way. The whole time I was biting my nails, direly afraid that January Jones was evil and that Liam Neeson would leave January Jones (his wife in the film) for Diane Kruger. (You might know her from National Treasure. )

If it had happened like that, I would have loathed the movie with all my being.  In the end, it only half did, but some things were kinda evened out.

If you see/have seen it, then you’ll probably think “With that ending, how in the world could she like it? It’s not that happy.”

To quote the Chris Rice Song “I’m a sucker for happy endings.”

Why do I like it then?
1. Because the first 2/3’s is so awesome.
2. Because it’s a great story about morals.  It really shows the contrast between right and wrong.
3. And because the ending was not what I feared (at least not exactly.)  Sometimes it’s good to come to grips with an ending you would not have picked.
4. It is super well made, and Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors.

WARNING: We watched this movie through ClearPlay.  Don’t just dash out to Redbox without that handy device.  Unknown is  not as bad as some movies, but I definitely recommend using ClearPlay.

If you’ve seen it, what did you think/learn from it?


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