Day Twenty-Six – A Childhood Memory

I had a good childhood. Lots of fun stuff balanced by wise parents who never spoiled me.

Plus, I have a lot of younger siblings, so life is never boring.

One memory though, that really sticks in my head, is the time my parents surprised us with a chance to meet some of our favorite singers.

We drove hours to Brentwood, TN, and arrived at a church I’d visited a few times before. The same Church that people such as Steven Curtis Chapman attend.


We knew that we were going to a concert, but we didn’t know who it was. We were trying to guess…


I walked through the door and saw a big poster of my all time favorite artist. Sara Groves.

Can you imagine my smile?

It turned out that one of our other favorite artist was also there, Charlie Peacock. I grew up listening to him.

Brandon Heath was there too, although we barely knew who he was. We hadn’t heard “Give me your eyes” or anything off that album. Not until later that night at least.

So I thought that that was it. And it was amazing! I was super excited.

And then…

A lady walked up to us and said, “Hi guys! Come with me.” and she began to walk with us. “The doors are open, they should be in there in about ten minutes.”

I assumed she meant that the singers would be out on stage in ten minutes.

The lady walked away and my parents turned to look at us. “We bought special tickets so that we can meet Sara Groves and Charlie Peacock.”

Shock and Awe.

In a daze we went to the bathroom. I saw a big tour bus through the window. Two little boys were playing with a soccer ball beside it.

“I bet that’s Kirby and Toby!” I exclaim to my family. Sara Groves later mentioned that her sons had been playing with a ball out by the bus, so I was right. 🙂

It was really cool to get to chat God with these fellow believers.

And to see that they are very normal people.

And to be able to sing my heart out with them sitting on the front row.

Thank you Dad and Mom for such a great memory.


2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Six – A Childhood Memory

  1. That is an awesome memory! Your parents seem to like to bless people in that particular way. =)
    And I think it’s really cool that you knew the names of her sons! =D

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