I Will Find A Way

I Will Find A Way – {Music Wednesday}

This song has become one of my all time favorites.
Like, it probably ranks up there in the top three.

Please listen to it at least once before reading my thoughts, I don’t want to spoil the ending for you. 🙂

At the end of this run down tenement hall
Is the room of a girl I know
She cowers behind all the dead bolt locks
Afraid of the outside world

So how should I come to the one I love?
I will find a way

Many thieves and collectors have used that door
But they only brought her shame
So she won’t even open it anymore
Still I will find a way

I could call out her name with love through the walls
But condemnation is all she hears
I could bust down the door and take her into my arms
But she might die from the fear

So how should I come to the one I love?
I will find a way, I will find a way
How should I come to the one I love?
I will find a way

No hiding place ever kept her safe
So she hides inside herself
Now to reach her heart the only way
Is to hide in there as well
I will hide in there as well

She gave up on love waiting for a change
But a change is coming soon
Cause how could she not love the helpless babe
Who is waking in her womb?

I found way, I found a way…

She’ll know I am coming before I am here
When she hangs her head she’ll see me there

And then when I come she won’t run away
All the beauty and joy will return to her face
And what of the loneliness? Now it is gone
Lost in the bond of a mother and son

Every sin that she suffered at the hands of men
Every single disgrace will be washed clean again
I will love her completely and when I am grown
I will carry her out of that tenement room

I am doing a new thing and soon you will see
I am coming among you and my name shall be
Emmanuel, Emmanuel

(Jason Gray / Andy Gullahorn) ©2011 Centricity Music Publishing(ASCAP) / Jason Gray Publishing Designee (ASCAP) / The Gullahorns Music (ASCAP)

This song has given me chills.
As you’re listening to it for the first time, you suddenly realize WHO is singing the song, Jesus!

This song may seem confusing, because it seems to be implying that the girl in the song is Mary, but it also implies that she was severely mistreated by men, and we know that Mary was a virgin, and from I read of her, it seems that she led a fairly protected life. So why would the song say otherwise?

Because the girl, while she is Mary, in the song she is really the embodiment of all of us.

As a whole, humankind has suffered a lot of sin and shame (through our own actions of disobedience). When God came down and hid himself within Mary, it was like He was coming to be born of all of us, human beings.

Such tenderness. Such love. Such sacrifice. Such mercy. Such humility.

By humbling Himself enough to not only step foot on our dusty planet, He entered as a helpless babe. He let the ones He was coming to save mother and care for Him.

Perhaps we would have been too scared any other way? Too frightened of the God who created all the earth with his voice. Who gives life with a single breath of His lungs, if the first time He came, it was with much bravo and ado?

Instead He found a way so gentle yet so powerful to come our hearts.

He found a way.


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