Character Friday

Today I’m going to write about a character that my sister over at Noble Chatter is acting out in a play.

The play is called “Christmas Dream.”

Her character’s name is “Camilla.” She is a shoemaker, who has a dream that she will see the Lord the next day.

Camilla is very excited. Wondering why she should receive such an honor from the God of the Universe.

She gets ready to for Him to come, putting out her best dishes and food. She desperately desires to see the Lord.
Her neighbors are incredulous, not really believing that it will happen. They think that Camilla is a few bricks shy of a load, if you know what I mean. But something within them wonders “what if…”

As the day goes on, there is no sight of the Lord. Only a few beggars show up at the door. Camilla is pulled to share the little she has with them, even though it means that she will have nothing to offer Christ. One of her neighbors (who will be played by one of our good friends, you know who you are…:-)) tries to stop Camilla from giving away her food, but she resists this temptation, sacrificing the gifts she had intended for another purpose, knowing that these people are very valuable and that they need her help.

In the end Camilla learns an important lesson. You’ll have to come see the play in December to find out what that is. 🙂


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