Character Friday – Ruth

This week, after discussing the amazing character of Ruth with a friend, I felt prompted to read this astounding story yet again (it’s a very short book, so it’s easily done in one sitting).

It was then that we got inspired to write this little poem-like thing (it’s not really a poem) from Ruth’s point of view:

There is this God…
That I do not know, but something about Him
Draws me.

My lover’s death squeezes life from my heart.
But I will not stay for his memory, I will leave for this God who
Pulls me.

There is nothing for you there! All is hopeless! Says Naomi
But I cling. I will not leave her.
Where her God leads her, My God will lead me because her God
Knows me.

In Bethlehem, I’ll take care of her…Naomi who calls herself bitter
Grain from any field I shall gather…does it really matter which?
Hard work. It must be done. Her God who is my God
Helps me.

Who is this man who greets his men in God’s name?
He comes this way, why should he talk to me, a foreigner?
His voice is kind, his words put me at ease…he knows me…and what I have done for Naomi.
Wandering into this part of the field, this is a movement of God that
Blesses me.

A bold thing. A scary thing. Naomi wants me to do
Go to Boaz at night and ask him to redeem me.
My heart trembles.
But I will obey…for God
Strengthens me.

Softly I creep, and lay at his feet.
He awakens. Sees me.
I say my piece. My obedience to Naomi. My plead for help.
Will you redeem my land? Spread your cloak over me?
He speaks kindly. If another does not, he will…and God will
Cover me.

I go home, his gift laying heavily on my back.
Now I wait. My heart must trust God.
He will see to the matter before the sun sets.
I will rest in peace tonight. Because God
Holds me.

This God I have chosen to serve, has blessed me beyond compare.
I can hardly fathom it.
I am married to a righteous man, Naomi is no longer called bitter, as our little son lays on her knees.
it’s a good thing I abandoned all to follow Him who…
Loves me.


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