Character Friday – Mary the mother of Jesus

Imagine what it must have been like.

Imagine trying to convince your fiance that no, you had not been unfaithful, God had put the baby inside of you.
Yeah, right. nice try.
Good thing God sent an angel to talk to Joseph about that personally.

But still, think about all the stares. I mean, come on. If I knew a couple who suddenly bumped their wedding date up by several months and it was immediately obvious that she was expecting a baby, I wouldn’t think twice about gossiping around the village well. (Not that gossip is a good thing…)

We don’t know much about Mary’s emotions during those nine months, other than the fact that she was completely willing to go through with this task the Lord had given her, ( Luke 1:26-38) and that she praised God:

“For He who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name.” Luke 1:49

It must have seem surreal to carry around the Son of God in her womb. I’m sure there were times when she mused to herself, “This seems no different from any other baby…and yet, my powerful Redeemer resides within me. His heart is beating quite literally just beneath mine. I feel His closeness.”

Screaming in pain amongst the hay in that back room, bleeding as she pushed the Savior out of her body, I’m sure she strained for the first glimpse of his face. “What does God look like as a man? Shall I really see Him? Who has looked at God before?”
We’ve all seen pictures of mothers as they hold their new baby for the very first time.  (Those are probably some of my favorite pictures of all time.) The mama sees her child as though they are the only person in the world who matters. After the months of carrying them inside, and then hours of anguish during the painful labor of love, finally, finally, that tiny babe is safely in her arms.
In this case, the entire earth had groaned for thousands of years while waiting for this little boy.

Mary did not see or hear the angels proclaiming the joy of the Savior’s birth.
She didn’t need to.
She was living the experience. Saving it in her heart.

We’ve sort of painted Mary as this kind of placid, perfect woman.
But she wasn’t perfect by any means.  I highly suspect that no one in Nazareth would have considered her anything special.
God need someone special to raise His son, I’m sure Mary was anything placid and  stale. She was probably vibrant and full of life. Someone who could stand outside with Jesus and marvel at the beauty of creation with Him, seeing in it the hand of God. The hand of the Father….and of her son.

I’m sure there were times, before and after Jesus’ birth, that she lay in a crumpled heap, sobbing her heart out to God. “How can I do this? How can I raise Your Son in the way that He needs? He is no ordinary boy!” (We know that she struggled to understand Him from this story.)
But God gave her the strength and grace. Mary and Joseph raised Jesus in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.


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