There is something that I don’t understand.
When you came down to our unworthy planet
so that You could paint us red to make us white
with Your redeeming blood.
One would think that You’d come in splendor.
(To a castle, or at least a house.)
But no.

You came, hiding in the womb of a teenage girl,
then born while she was far from home.
We imagine the manger scene as picturesque,
But you were born in the lowliest of all places.
An overflow of animals crowded close,
(there were many people in town You will remember,)
The stench was horrific,
the ground utterly filthy,
covered with hundreds of animals’ dung.
(not a pretty thought, but it’s true)

Lying in that muck and mire Mary bled,
as she brought you into this world so that you could take Your first breath.
(Later you would bleed so that she could breath the breath of Life Eternal.)
And so, into the dirt You were born.
Your bed a heap of insect filled straw.
I have one question for You.

Why chose to be born like that?
To live like that?
To die like that?
I guess there is only one answer.
Because You love me.
(You are utterly in love with my sinful heart.)
You wanted me to be a part of You.
You could not bear the chasm between us
And wanted to prove Your undying love by coming in such a way.
But why?
Why do You love me so?
Enough to be born on the dung cover ground,
to live a simple life,
to die such a horrendous death?

There is only one answer.
Just because You do.
And that will never change.
(Never ever.)
You are God.
And there is no other.

~Mamie’s Musings – December, 2011


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