Concert time :-)

The concert finally came.

My parents, brother and I trekked up to Tupelo to see Steven Curtis Chapman, Andrew Peterson and Josh Wilson perform.

We had special tickets to a per-concert event with Steven Curtis Chapman where we could ask questions, and hear him play some songs that would not be played in the actual show.

And my dad made history.

He asked SCC if, since he (my dad) was about to celebrate his 22nd Valentines Day with his wife, he would play the song 500 Miles, and my dad asked if perhaps he could come up on stage and sing it with him, to my mom.

And low and behold, SCC said yes! He said that it had never happened before, but he seemed pretty cool with the idea.

This is a video of their duet:

Headed out…

Mom and Dad

I happened to be wearing the exact same Show Hope shirt as SCC. He had no girly scarf of course. πŸ™‚

Andrew Peterson on the left. (he was SOOOOO GOOD! Duh…) SCC in the middle, and Josh Wilson on the far right. (He’s a very good guitar player, plus I think he sounds even better in concert than in the studio.)

In case you didn’t know, Andrew Peterson is probably my (tied) favorite singer/songwriter EVER. He inspired this article.

I laughed and I cried.

It was a night to remember.


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