Sir Nameless (a story from Lamplighter)

Sir Nameless – Character Friday

One of the characters that struck me the most in the second half of “Sir Knight of the Splendid Way” is Sir Nameless.

Sir Nameless was the keeper of the well. He had been chosen for this task by the King.
He was a knight full of honor, courage and faithfulness. He endured many trials and temptations during the many lonely years he spent guarding the well, keeping it pure and clean. Because of his careful care, it overflowed and became a brook, then a powerful stream, and eventually it gathered into a noble river which flowed into the great ocean. it brought much blessing and refreshment to others.
His faithfulness with a little became faithfulness over much.

He never left his post. Ever.
In the end he died trying to defend it from what he believed to be evil. He died fighting someone who tried to make him leave his assignment.

Even when offered what seemed to others to be a good thing, the chance to be honored and recognized for all of his efforts, he refused. For it would mean leaving his post. And that he would not do.
But what? You say. This man deserved to be honored!
Ah…but of what real worth is the honor of mere men? Sir Nameless received the honor of the King in abundance after his death.
Sir Nameless never knew the bounty that others enjoyed because of his faithfulness, but he knew his job. To stand vigilant against the wiles of the Black Knight. And stand firm he did, even though he found no glory for his own name in this life.

To quote the man telling Sir Constant the story of Sir Nameless (remember him from the last time I wrote about this tale):

“The King forgets none who are faithful. And he has much love for those nameless Knights, who keep their lonely outposts.”

Perhaps God has called you to a task that seems monotonous, unimportant, lonely or forgotten. A task that requires honor, courage, fortitude, and most of all, faithfulness.
Keep on. Do not give up. The King of kings remembers you, and your quiet steadfastness gives Him great joy. Nothing will be worth more than hearing one day “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your Master.”

Be faithful.


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