The World Will Hate You (Tuesday Quote)

“One of these things I noticed when I went on Piers Morgan is how few people are willing to answer clearly on some of the questions that I was asked. … It’s been a great life lesson that Jesus was right. He said the world will hate you because of Me, and don’t be surprised because they hated Me first. So it just confirms my confidence in God and in His goodness. I continue to want to love people and speak the truth and trust God for good results.”

– Kirk Cameron, on the recent controversy surrounding his statements about homosexuality


One thought on “The World Will Hate You (Tuesday Quote)

  1. As a fellow believer, I was very proud of Kirk Cameron for answering all the questions Piers Morgan asked him truthfully. Predictably, the media went crazy, but Kirk is courageous and spiritually mature enough to handle it with grace. Sadly, we are living in times where “good is called evil, and evil is called good.”

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