Tueday Quotes/Music Wednesday

“This is really an honor and a privilege, and ya know, I say this at the risk of sounding unappreciative, because I am. But I count everything as loss for the sake of knowing Jesus Christ. Yeah, we didn’t start off doing this so that we could stand up here and say, ‘Look at what we got,’ we started off and we still do this, because we are passionately in love with Jesus and want to see others’ lives altered by His truth. And we believe in a movement, a movement of people who are in love with Jesus and want to use their gifts and their time and their talents and their treasure to demonstrate how valuable and worthy He is. So I’m grateful that we’re celebrating each others gifts, but if you’re celebrating the gifts, then you gotta celebrate the Giver. So, God bless y’all!”

Lecrae, in his acceptance speech at the Dove Awards after winning an award for Best Rap/Hip-hop song of the year.


“I’ve had the privilege of taking this stage a few times, and truthfully, this is cool, (holds up award) but it’s the message of Jesus Christ that changes lives. That’s what we celebrate!” – Natalie Grant, after winning Best Female Vocalist of the year at the Dove Awards.

When Natalie Grant sang this song live at the Dove Awards show, people started lifting their hands in the air and standing in worship of our Savior, Who is all-powerful, Who loves us like no other, and Who is alive.

Oh, and those Dove Award predictions I made last week, yeah, I only got one right. (Blessings by Laura Story as Song of the Year) but everyone who did win deserved them too! 🙂 Jamie Grace’s speech was the sweetest thing ever.


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