Into The Glorious – Music Wednesday

I was recently blessed with two iTunes gift cards for my birthday (just so you know, iTunes gift cards are one of my favorite gifts ever, in case you were ever wondering. 😉 )

With one of them, I bought the brand new album from Christy Nockels, called Into The Glorious. I love the beautiful worship songs that she and her husband Nathan write.

This song is also called “Into The Glorious.” Here is my favorite lyric:


“Out from the ordinary, into extraordinary.

and this is a heart-cry from my life,

to say ‘I love You, God, I love You.’

So take me deeper, ohhh.

I can hear You calling, inviting me in,

into the glorious.”


This is so true. God does take us out from the ordinary, mundane, brokenness of this life into His majesty, into His beautiful place, into His extraordinary goodness. Let our hearts burn to love Him, and to listen to His invitation to go deeper into the Glorious.



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