Character Friday – The Hunger Games Edition

I saw The Hunger Games movie back in April, and then read the books about two weeks ago.

{Note: This is NOT a book/movie review, it is merely some simple character sketches.}

This did not happen. Ahem. Well at least not exactly.

But seriously, my mom was gone, and I took good care of the family in her absence. (I hope.)

I am a firm believer that children need a love of reading modeled for them. 😉

So here ya’ have it, my little character sketches for the main characters.

[Just as a heads-up, there are a lot of spoilers in here, so if you haven’t read the books, and either want to, or want to wait and be surprised when the next two movies come out, proceed with caution.]

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss and I are very different I discovered as I read the books. But I love her devotion to her family and her self sacrifice that she makes on behalf of her little sister.  (A picture of true love.)

I learned a lot about humanity and mortality as Katniss processed the brutality of The Hunger Games. Seriously folks, murder is a treacherous thing that should never be treated lightly. The Post-traumatic stress that Katniss endured really drove that home for me. (Not that I didn’t think that before, but when you read about the nightmares she suffered almost every night for the rest of her life, it becomes very, very real.)

Katniss is a feminine girl. This I appreciated very much. However she does seem to become a little feministic towards the end of the series, but maybe that’s just me. She had been through a lot after all.

Peeta Mellark

Peeta represents hope.

He did not want the Capitol to own him. It’s the same for Christians, we must not let the world think that they own us. This theme/worldview I greatly liked, especially since it was carried throughout all three books as Peeta hangs onto this and Katniss learns it.

Peeta’s manliness truly came out in his devotion to Katniss. I love Peeta’s gentleness.

He might come off as bit soft to some, but it was simply the way he led. Not by pushing his agenda forward, (unless it had to do with protecting Katniss) but through his own way of gently (but effectively) swaying the crowd.

I really, really had a hard time after he’d been tortured and lost his mind for most of a book.

Gale Hawthorne

Gale. I quite liked Gale. It’s always hard in a love-triangle to decide which “hero” to choose to root for.

I knew before I started the books that he did not end up with Katniss. Liam Hemsworth’s performance of him in the movie makes you really feel sad for dear Gale as Katniss is led away to death, and then as she feigns love for Peeta. 

Sometimes I think he was a little unfair to her when her feelings weren’t exactly like his, or when she acted as though she liked Peeta for survival’s sake. But then again, he was just trying to sort through his thoughts.

Gale represented strength and safety to me. Katniss could always trust him.  He was a great friend to her.

I viewed him as a choleric as I read, not completely sure that he was, but he’s definitely an in-charge kind of guy. He’s more of an “We’re-doing-this-my-way” than Peeta. I’m looking forward to seeing how Liam continues to portray him in the upcoming movies.

Other Characters:

Haymitch – I wish he could have dealt with his PTSD differently than always turning to alcohol.  However, I liked him okay. He’s a good guy.

Cinna – I liked him a lot, especially after having a mental picture of him from the movie. I’m glad he turned out to be part of the underground.

Fennick– At first I was disgusted with him, gradually grew to trust him, and then completely liked him once the rest of his story was told and he married Annie.

Effie – So shallow, but so endearing.


One thought on “Character Friday – The Hunger Games Edition

  1. I love your character sketches! I totally agree with you about Gale, he was a hard one for me as the third book went along…
    I absolutely LOVED Fennick. He’s my favorite character. =) Maybe it was the element of surprise, because when he was first introduced in the books I was totally disgusted with him.

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