Christy Nockels (Music Wednesday)

One of the perks of staying near Atlanta during this campaign, is the fact that we get to go to Passion City Church!! (I’ve now been a total of four times this year.)

This Sunday, I was able to talk to Christy Nockels after the service. (She and her husband Nathan used to be the band “Watermark.” Now they serve at Passion City Church and the Passion Conferences.)
I’ve been listening to Christy Nockels since I was a young girl, and her songs have greatly impacted my life. I even sang this song along with a friend at my high school graduation.

I appreciate the way she makes her family the priority and has not pursued extra fame and glory in order to be with her children.

I was able to tell all of this to her in the few minutes we spoke. I hope it encouraged her to keep running the race and fighting the good fight. She certainly has done that for me.



One thought on “Christy Nockels (Music Wednesday)

  1. I’m sure she appreciated knowing what a positive influence she has been in your life. People in ministry need to hear that kind of uplifting encouragement.

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