Life Lately

My life recently:

  • Worked on a campaign in Georgia. Lost Campaign. (By 1%.) Learned a lot. Gained many new friends.
  • Finalized my schedule for college. (I haven’t blogged any about that as of yet. But don’t worry, it’s coming.)
  • Acted as an extra in a concept video for a movie to be (Lord willing) directed by the marvelous Erwin Bros.
  • Pre-ordered the new deluxe edition album by Andrew Peterson “Light For The Lost Boy.” It’s gonna be good.
  • Survived life with half of our floors ripped up.
  • Continued to grow in the Lord and internalize His truth. He is good even when this world is not.

It’s been busy, and that only accounts for the last 4 weeks of my life!

It’s never boring around here.


(My brother and actor Sean Astin.)

Question: Which of the above topics/bullet points would you like to hear more about? (You can pick more than one. I’m in the mood to write. 🙂 )


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