Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

A couple months ago, my dad remarked to me that he’d heard a new Coldplay song that he liked. Me, know knowing that

1.) my Dad and I have very similar taste in music.

2.) that Coldplay’s music is well done. At least based on my experience. I’ve heard all of about 4-5 songs by them.

I promptly decided to listen to it. Oh the awesomeness of iPhones.

As I plugged in my earphones and read the lyrics as the notes flowed into my head, I suddenly stopped. My body was quivering with excitement as I realized right then and there that I had found a new favorite song. (I have many favorites, but this one is definitely near the top.)

I’m sure that when Coldplay wrote this song, they were not exactly meaning it to be from a Christian perspective. But I listen to it that way. It’s an anthem of hope . That even when the world is falling down around us, and horror is everywhere, still we will raise the flag of victory in rebellion to the turmoil and sing the song that our Creator has placed inside of us.

I turn the music up, I got my records on
I shut the world outside until the lights come on
Maybe the streets alight, maybe the trees are gone
But I feel my heart start beating to my favorite song

And all the kids they dance, all the kids all night
Until Monday morning feels another life
I turn the music up, I’m on a roll this time

And heaven is in sight, Ooh

I turn the music up, I got my records on

From underneath the rubble sing a rebel song

Don’t want to see another generation drop

I’d rather be a comma than a full stop
Maybe I’m in the black, maybe I’m on my knees
Maybe I’m in the gap between the two trapezes

But my heart is beating and my pulses start
Cathedrals in my heart

As we saw, oh, this light
I swear you emerge blinking into
To tell me it’s alright

As we soar walls
Every siren is a symphony
And every tear’s a waterfall

Is a waterfall, ah
Is a waterfall, ah
Is a waterfall
Every tear is a waterfall, ah

So you can hurt, hurt me bad

But still I’ll raise the flag,

It was a wa-ah-ah-ah-aterfall
A wa-ah-ah-ah-aterfall

Oh, Oh

Every tear
Every tear
Every teardrop is a waterfall

Oh, Oh

Every tear
Every tear
Every teardrop is a waterfall

What do you think of the artsy music video? I would expect nothing less from a guy who named his little girl “Apple.” Yep, Chris Martin (lead singer for Coldplay) and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow (you may have seen her in a movie or two) named their daughter Apple and their son Moses.


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