Josties – Season 3 Coming Soon

If you have not seen any “Jostie Flicks” you are missing out big time.

I will never think of sibling babysitting the same again after “9 Home Alone 1 &2.”

My singing has been forever changed after the tutelage I received under Martha Mahinski.

And I will always cherish every moment with my family after seeing “Love You.”

This beautiful, Christian, home schooling family has remarkable talent. ( Whom I have met, but have no picture to prove it.) Their recent “hiatus” or break between seasons has made us all a little despondent around here.

But never fear! Season 3 begins September 4th!

Oh, and there is a very high likelihood that the Josties will BE HERE in concert in just a few weeks! (yes, they have a family band.)
We are still working on a location, but tickets will be available soon.


2 thoughts on “Josties – Season 3 Coming Soon

  1. Yay! Wish I lived closer to come to that concert, but oh well. 😀 I love Jostie Flicks and I can’t wait for the season to start! It *has* been a shabby wait, hasn’t it?

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