The Voice of Jesus {M.W.}

It hurts to watch your little sister hurt. It’s pretty rough to get a text that she’s in surgery.
It’s sad to see her tears and solemn face.

But I was so happy to see her happy smile light her face again.

Today I played for her a sweet lullaby-like song written for a little girl who has gone through a similar trial.
Both girls were eight. Both broke their arms. Both had to have a little surgery as a result.

“So when I kiss you at night
And I turn out the light
And I tell you you’re never alone
It’s the voice of Jesus
Calling you His own.

-Andrew Peterson


One thought on “The Voice of Jesus {M.W.}

  1. I’m sure India was blessed when you shared this nice story and song with her. I’m so glad she is doing alright. Love you!

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