30 drops of thankfulness – part one

1. new grace every morning.
2. chilly air.
3. Jumper cables.
4. remodeling skills gained.
5. community (read: Christian friends to hang out with.)
6. Thanksgiving break.
7.Adorable siblings.
8. Amazing parents.
9. Realizing just how much you love your favorite Bible (esp. when it’s been AWOL for nearly a week.)
10. Jane Austen movies.
11. Swing dancing.
12. Praise and constructive critiques of your writing from one of your favorite authors who took time to read a tidbit of your work.
13. The end of the semester, so close I can taste it.
14. A church full of both young and old, so that one might study the truth with several generations.
15. Jesus, the Light for this lost-but-found girl.


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