There Once Was a Little House

There once was this house. A house full of love. Everyday it lived and learned and grew. It was happy.

But then one day, something terrible happened.

A leak hit this house. Something it held dear began to destroy it. The house felt betrayed as water seeped into its wooden floors.

The damage was so great that in order for the house to be fixed properly, the owners had to rip apart it further.


They decided that its insides needed to be changed. The little house groaned, for it knew it would never be the same again.



Day by day the house was transformed. Walls were knocked down and then redesigned. Wires were switched. And cabinets ripped out and burned in the fire. The little house felt like it was dying.


The family continued to live in the house, for they were its heartbeat, and still manage to make the little house a place of refuge for weary travelers.



The house began to get used to the idea of change.


Many loving hands gently worked to recreate the house.





Sometimes games of Catan were needed to relieve stress.


Or maybe it was cool glasses…


Or perhaps it was dancing…


Whatever it was, the little house continued to be filled with music and joy.


The little house is still far from complete, but each day it sees that the changes are good. It has realized that beauty can come from ashes, and the all things can be made new.

{I cannot take credit for any of these photos. All of the iPhone ones are by my lovely Momma, and the ones from the really nice camera were taken by Tim Stanfill and Elijah Carlstrom}


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