New Year Travels, Eh?


{Taken on the “Same Here” bench}

To start off 2013, my family sojourned to the northwestern parts of America, and beyond. By the end we’d set foot in several states and been on four flights. (Nine airplanes for my mom. The Super Woman.) We also ventured across the border into Canada.IMG_7091

In Idaho we visited some friends that we’d made while working on the SAT in November. IMG_2875  IMG_2887 IMG_2900 IMG_2932  IMG_7057


We also visited the lovely Jost family.


“Now that’s good coffee.”IMG_7153

Doing the finishing touches on the newest Jostie Flick.IMG_7161

Cooking with Emily and Mamie


Did you know that Canadians and Americans pronounce the word “decal” totally different?

IMG_7172I got to drive the legendary “Man Van.”


India and her buddy Jeremiah


It was a crazy trip in a lot of ways, but it was well worth it and I’m very thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my beautiful family, and have Christian fellowship with some awesome people.


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