Why Five?

On Sunday night, my Pastor talked about a pretty cool story in the Bible.

We’ve all heard the tale of how David killed the giant Goliath, and about how he went on to become King of Israel and to win many more battles.

I’m sure as he faced that giant of a man, his heart was beating fast. Though he was full of faith, I’m sure that this was not a task he wished to do again. When he lifted the sword and finished off Goliath, I’m sure he hoped that he was finished with giant-slaying.

But why then would God nudge him to pick up five smooth stones out of the riverbed?


Fast-forward about fifty years. David is at war again. Nothing unusual, for he was a man of war.

But this time, the giants were back. Four giants in fact, and descendents of Goliath. His brother and three sons (from the estimation of my Pastor.)

If killing Goliath wasn’t enough, try taking on his angry, vengeful, giant children. Not a pretty sight, if I do say so myself.

While David did not physically sling a stone at these the heads of these men, he still had to face them all the same. And again, the Lord gave Him victory.

I’m sure that David wasn’t thinking about how many family members Goliath had when he scooped up five rocks out of the river on that hot day.
But God was.
I believe that God was, in His subtle way, declaring victory over all of the giants to come in David’s life. Down to the exact number. Before David even knew they existed.
I don’t know about you, but that just makes me go “WOW.”

You can read the entire story of this rematch in 2 Samuel 21.

Don’t worry about any giants you may have to face in this life. God’s got you covered.


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