Awkward and Awesome – September 2012

“Awkward and Awesome” is a popular blog writing prompt, and I’ve thought about doing one for a while. However, I think it might be fun to write one at the end of every month. It’ll be away from me to talk about the little random things that weren’t really worthy of a blog post, AND to recap the stuff I did blog about.

SO without further ado, here is September’s A&A post.


  • Walking into a gym room where a towel is required….with only a tiny bathroom washcloth, and feeling like the entire room is staring at me.
  • The last episode of BBC’s “Robin Hood” season 2. Seriously, how can a series do that to their fans?! (This wasn’t so much awkward as it was sad/disappointing. Which made watching the rest awkward. Needless to say, we haven’t watched the last season yet.)
  • A speech one of my classmates gave in Public Speaking class. Let’s just say I’m glad it lasted less than five minutes.


  • Getting good grades in all my college school work so far.
  • A new college Bible study group.
  • Watching our remodeling project progress before my eyes. (We’re moving our kitchen to entirely different room. No big deal.)
  • Going to an incredible Andrew Peterson concert.
  • This adorable video of William and Kate wearing grass skirts and dancing with the natives in Tuvalu.
  • God’s continued faithfulness!

As you can see, this month has consisted of mostly awesome and very little awkward. 🙂

What were your A&A moments this month?