DIY – Regular Jeans To Skinny Jeans

So I’ve never owned a pair of skinny jeans. I’m a boot cut kind of girl. They look better with my body shape. But my little sister (the fashionista at our house) has been trying to convince me to get into some. I promised her I would try some out. For fun.

I found this great little tutorial yesterday on JJ Heller’s Pinterest page.

I didn’t follow the instructions exactly right, because I didn’t have a pair of skinny jeans to use as a stencil,  I just  kinda eyeballed it. Thankfully, they turned out alright!

These were a pair of jeans that we got for 10 bucks at Walls (when it was open.) I don’t wear them much anymore because they keep falling off unless I wear a belt.

Here are some before and after photos.




( This is the same day, but I changed shirts because this cut looked better with this style of jean.)

I think they turned out nicely.

I admit love the look of flats and skinny jeans.

I’m not gonna suddenly start wearing skinny jeans all the time. I still like book-cut the best. 🙂