Thank God for the Summertime…

It was a crazy good summer. From a seventeen day trip covering several states and many people, to a family wedding in California and a brief, last minute jaunt to Texas – you get the picture.

{BTW – I took toooonnnsss of photos at iGovern. If you care to see some in a slideshow format or actual live video, click here.}


IMG_3785 IMG_4736


 IMG_6194IMG_5819 IMG_5874 IMG_5836 IMG_5837  IMG_5840 IMG_5859 IMG_0617

IMG_6233 IMG_6283IMG_6345 IMG_0637IMG_8326 IMG_6421   IMG_0771

“Oh, oh, thank God for the summertime
Oh, no cares and I’m doing fine
No cares and I’m doing fine
Thank God for the summertime.”

Why I’ve Been AWOL


The reason I didn’t post AT ALL around here last week was that I was at a government camp called “TeenPact.”

Basically, if you’re in the age range of 13-18 (I barely made it.) And you’re a Christian. I HIGHLY recommend it. Even if you’re not planning to ever run for a political office (I know I’m not) it is extremely helpful and promotes amazing Godliness and character.



More frisbee fun

Ultimate Frisbee!

Christa and me

With the lovely Christa

Lindsay and me

Lindsay and me


Ultimate Frisbee!

More Frisbee fun

Mississippi's Governer, Phil Bryant

Mississippi’s Governor, Phil Bryant

Piano talent

Piano talent

Most of my "committee"

Most of my “committee”


Our wonderful leaders

Our fantastic leaders.


More info can be found here:

*Not all of these photos were taken by me.

SAICFF – 2013


It was that time of year again. This time around my entire family journeyed to Texas for the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. (How’s that for a mouthful?) You can read about last year’s adventures here and here.

IMG_7633On our way there we got to see a dear couple who came to our Bible study when they lived in MS. We love you Hunter and Crystal!

IMG_7688We had much fun in Texas. The films were great, and we could tell that the quality had gone way up from last year.


The notes I took during Alex Kendrick’s talk

IMG_7711Winner of Best Documentary: A moving piece on the tragedy of human trafficking. Look it up.

IMG_7699Singing with Amy-Joy outside of our hotel in downtown S.A before the Jubilee Awards Ceremony. We made $3. I kid you not.



(Reading a book before a movie starts.)IMG_7556IMG_7668IMG_7651 2

Info about the next Sherwood movie:

  1. It will be about unity amongst believers. (I’m excited because this is a HUGE problem in this day and age.)
  2. The opening scene might be of a group of soldiers fighting overseas.
  3. They are accepting head shots and resumes from believers all over the country now.


Here are some videos posted by Vision Forum of some of the winners being announced.

(Most photos taken by Elijah Carlstrom)

New Year Travels, Eh?


{Taken on the “Same Here” bench}

To start off 2013, my family sojourned to the northwestern parts of America, and beyond. By the end we’d set foot in several states and been on four flights. (Nine airplanes for my mom. The Super Woman.) We also ventured across the border into Canada.IMG_7091

In Idaho we visited some friends that we’d made while working on the SAT in November. IMG_2875  IMG_2887 IMG_2900 IMG_2932  IMG_7057


We also visited the lovely Jost family.


“Now that’s good coffee.”IMG_7153

Doing the finishing touches on the newest Jostie Flick.IMG_7161

Cooking with Emily and Mamie


Did you know that Canadians and Americans pronounce the word “decal” totally different?

IMG_7172I got to drive the legendary “Man Van.”


India and her buddy Jeremiah


It was a crazy trip in a lot of ways, but it was well worth it and I’m very thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my beautiful family, and have Christian fellowship with some awesome people.

Is It Even Worth It?

Sometimes, when waging a war against evil, you don’t win every battle.

Does that mean that your efforts were futile? Does it mean that all the work you did was in vein?

Some might say “yes.”

But I beg to differ.

Because fighting for truth is never for nothing.

Last Friday, mom, Bridget, Elijah, and I flew to St. Louis, MO to be a part of a Generation Joshua SAT. {Student Action Team.} There were several around the country. Our group (consisting of about 130 people.) was assigned to work on the Todd Akin for U.S. Senate campaign.

If you know anything about the Senatorial races this year, than you know about controversy surrounding Mr. Akin and the way he misspoke in an interview creating a nationwide stir.
You know how the media is. All a person has to do is make one stupid error, and it’s all over.

So we all knew going in that this was going to be a particularly hard battle.

And let me tell ya.
It was.

Our team director, Andrew Ferguson, speaking to the group (Or at least part of us, the rest wouldn’t fit in the picture.)

Our SAT, consisting mostly of home schooled, high schoolers, worked hard.

We each made hundreds of phone calls to voters, hundreds of door-to-door contacts, and sign waved on the final day.

It felt good to work so intensely. {Phone-banking in our hotel.}

I was mocked by strangers for supporting this candidate.

Someone on a phone said to me:
“You’re a sick person and should seek professional help immediately (for supporting Todd Akin.)”

That phone call shook me up, and I dearly wanted to switch back to the less specific phone script. One that just reminded people to get out and vote, rather than actually endorsing a candidate.

One that wouldn’t bring on the haters.

But I thought to myself, “The guys here on my team can’t do what I can do. They can’t say to someone, ‘I’m a woman who stands with Todd Akin.’ I can. This is important. I’ve got to keep going.”

And so I did. As did many other young ladies with me. As one of the fathers on the team said, “this race is so clearly a struggle of good against evil.”

To any of you who still wonder about Todd Akin, I met him and was in his presence twice. He is the real deal. What people have said about his is oh so not true. He truly cares about women’s health and safety, along with his many other solid, Christian, conservative issues. He is a good man.

The divided the SAT into several smaller groups. We were on Team Golf. My teammates (consisting of Carlstroms, and a couple other families) rocked. Everyone worked so hard, and we got the most houses on the last day.

We were privileged to get to watch the election votes come in at Mr. Akin’s watch party. A LOT of people worked for months. I stand in awe of them.
Mr. Akin did not win. But I do not count this race an entire loss. We stood up for what was right. And that makes it worth it.
One cool thing that happened election night was the fact that Stephen Byrum (of Fearless Productions)and I were interviewed about Generation Joshua. I enjoy interviews. And Generation Joshua.

In the end, this world will fail. We already know that. But that does not mean that we can give up. We must fight for our freedom. We must proclaim the truth. We must seek the light.

The day before the election, all of us were called in from the field because Mr. Akin himself was coming to speak to us at our hotel. Here’s a video with a little of what he said to us:

Off We Go

We’re packing up and leaving tomorrow. Well, tonight really.

Well, okay. Only four of us. That’s only 1/2 of the population around here. And with the extra population that have been hanging around due to the simple remodeling project we’re doing, it’s even less than that. 😉 But still…

It’s election week. (In case you hadn’t heard by now.) And so said 1/2 of the population is heading for another state to work on a campaign. A bigger team than we we a part of back in the summer. Generation Joshua is sending out several teams of students out to work on important races all over the country.

Please pray for us.

Please pray that the right candidates get elected.

The particular race we were assigned to very heated. It’s exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.

Thanks for the prayers in advance.

Camp Dixon 2012 – Photos

Most of these photos were taken by Elijah Carlstrom.

“Remember not the former things,
nor consider the things of old.

Behold, I am doing a new thing;
now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

I will make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert.”
Isaiah 43:18-19

“You have heard; now see all this;
and will you not declare it?

From this time forth I announce to you new things,
hidden things that you have not known.

They are created now, not long ago;
before today you have never heard of them,
lest you should say, ‘Behold, I knew them.’”
Isaiah 48:6-7

Camp Dixon was beautiful in so many ways.
And by beautiful, I mean that:
Laughter was heard.
Tears were shed.
Games were played until the wee hours of the morning.
Bacon was cooked over a crackly fire.
Bibles were read by flashlight.
And new friendships were strengthened.