Not Just With Words

Jesus is all I need
He satisfies every longing
Not just with His word and promises
He often shows His nearness
By sending people into my life
Very special people
People who encourage me to be vulnerable
To not stay locked up inside
Pretending perfection
People who text to see how I’m doing
Who wrap arms around to comfort
Who stay and play boardgames
And watch Jane Austen because I like it
People whose picture I print out
Because I never want to forget their smile
This is how He touches the aching in my heart
This is how He kisses me on the forehead
This is how He let’s me see
though a glass dimly, the beauty
Of His perfect friendship
This is how Jesus loves me well.

A Few of My Favorite Things: iGovern

New friendships. California sun. Party meetings. Galas.  Late night games of Truth-or-Dare. Air Force One. Worship time. Wing Chapel. Campaign strategies. Mock senate sessions. Words of wisdom soaked in. Camp counselors. Minions reporting. Cupid Shuffles. Ambassadors to rescue. Mysteries to solve. Fireworks. Jam sessions. Sprinklers to be run through at night. Notes taken. Lessons learned.  Encouragement for those who cry. Laughter around a pool. And spiritual discussions with new friends.

These are a few of my favorite things.

{You kinda had to be there.}