Dear Prince

Dear Royal Baby,
Your Royal Highness,
George Alexander Louis

The baby Prince of Cambridge says Hi to the World

Last week you pretty much crashed twitter, caused Niagara Falls to be lit brilliant blue, and headlined every single newspaper and magazine on earth.niagra-falls-417028


We’ve cared about you since the moment we knew you were forming within your mother’s womb. (And even before that, if we’re honest.)

Some truly want you to be something special. For you to be your own man. To be the great, magnificent king George VII.
Others just want to manipulate you. To steal every bit of who you are and trash your very soul.

Keep in mind that you’ve only been breathing for a week.



Part of me hurts for you little boy, knowing that you have a tough road ahead of you. There isn’t a moment of your public life that won’t be dissected and photographed and talked about. You won’t have a chance to figure yourself out before this happens, you’re being thrust into the spotlight from the get go.

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You are precious George. And your mommy and daddy are clearly very proud of you.


I’m so glad you are a boy btw, you make me wonder what it would have been like if Jesus had been known for who he is like you have been. As the future Messiah, He woulda crashed the internet for sure.

What if you’d been born in a barn somewhere, Wills and Kate tucked in with the animals, birthing you in the dirty straw? You, laid in bug infested hay rather than the safety of your guarded hospital wing. What if you worked quietly at a blue collar job for more than three decades before you stepped out and began to let the world who you are?

Sounds pretty ludicrous if you ask me.

Your people want you. They want to watch you grow up. They want to celebrate you. I hovered by my computer in order to absorb every detail of your arrival. And I’m not even British.
And yet, little king-to-be, that is exactly what the King of kings did. He humbled himself and gave up the grand entrance you’re getting. Take note that I am not saying this to criticize yours. In fact, the absolute joyous exuberance of people watching you is beautiful, and because of that, my heart has been pointed even closer to my Savior. The humility of His birth has impacted me in a deeper way as I’ve watched how it could have been. And my soul has worshiped His great name.

Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William introduce their new baby boy to the awaiting public and media

A lot is riding on you little man. I have no skin in the game as you shall never rule over me, but for your sake I hope that you live your life well. That you grow to be a wise man and one day a wise king. But further more, I hope that one day the story of another little boy, born to be king like you, will penetrate its way into your heart and cause you to submit your crown unto His.